zoe whittaker

Born in the UK, Zoë’s father brought home his first classic car when she was 12 years old, a 1966 Corvette Stingray. He passion for classic cars then began.

Zoë spent a great deal of her teenage years attending classic car rallies with her father where she navigated for him in UK and European rallies such as the Alpine Challenge and Paris to Marrakesh. From that day forward, Zoë was inspired by her father’s zest for cars and racing and decided she too wanted to sit behind the wheel. Zoë achieved this goal as soon as she got her license and took part in classic car rallies by the age of 19.

Though Zoë experienced some track racing, support her father at many race meeting, when he raced single seaters in the Formula Ford series, Zoë realised her true passion was rallying. Zoë found the sound and feel of the vintage engines captivating and the differentiating terrain inspired her to want to participate in as many rallies as possible, not only to quench her thirst for driving classic cars but to also experience and discover new destinations.

As much as Zoë loved her previous jobs, she was becoming frustrated being behind a desk all day and desperately wanted to be on the road, rallying and racing cars.

Zoë has access to many extremely rare cars through her broad network, developed over 20 years from competing in classic car rallies and attending race meetings where she was encouraged by other to turn passion into business. Over the years, Zoë has been given huge support to start rallying professionally. She is now pursuing her dream and starting to tour some of the most beautiful and unnoticed countries in the world and inviting other to join her in her adventures.

In 2018, Zoë organised the first classic car rally ever to be held in Georgia. Not only was this a historical event for both the country but a great start to Zoë’s classic car rally tours with it now becoming an annual event.

In Zoë’s other upcoming tours, such, her mission is to bring awareness about everything these countries she arranges classic car tours in have to offer other than the amazing roads, scenery but also to get immersed in the culture and traditions.

Zoë’s mission is driving the unexplored and to share her amazing lifestyle experiences and hope to encourage others to following and live it for themselves. The journey is as important as the destination and the thrill of driving doesn’t just come with speed but to discover hidden places and enjoy the beautiful scenery the drive has to offer.

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