How I started “Driving With Zoë”

What first got me into a classic car rallies was when my father came home with a 1967 Corvette Stingray when I was twelve years of age. From this day forward, I found inspiration through my father’s cars and decided that I too wanted to sit behind the wheel.

As soon as my friends and I passed our driving tests and had brought our first cars, I organised day trips out with them.  I would use my trusted ‘Good Food Guide’ pub book to find somewhere nice to go for Saturday or Sunday lunch, then we would drive there together along picturesque country roads I had already explored on my own.

My friends and I all loved finding new parts of the UK that I had previously discovered whilst I was out driving. My friends also got to appreciate the UK countryside, villages and towns through their love for driving.

After exploring much of the UK, I had a thirst for wanting to explore Europe. I had already done some of Europe with my father on classic car rallies and wanted to bring that experience to my friends.  My next driving expedition with them was when we drove from Manchester, England to Paris, France.  A trip I had made several times before. Previously my friends had only ever flown or taken the Eurostar train to Paris, so when they started driving through picturesque villages and countryside that France had to offer. I proved that driving had so much more to offer than just getting from A to B. My friends got to discover and explore new destinations, sample the local food and meet the local people that they would not have done if they had not been in a car.

This today is how ‘Driving with Zoë’ was originated.